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Three Wise Monkeys on a Base

Code: GR531
Approx. Size:

Width: 10cm / 4"
Height: 7cm / 2.75"
Deepth: 5.5cm / 2"

Approx. Weight: 550g / 1lb 2oz

The three wise monkeys are a pictorial maxim (saying). Together they embody the proverbial principle to "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The three monkeys are Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Mikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Mazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. The source that popularized this pictorial maxim is a 17th century carving over a door of the famous Tosho-gu shrine in Nikko, Japan. The maxim, however, probably originally came to Japan with a Tendai-Buddhist legend possibly from India via China in the 8th century.

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For Delivery in Europe 44.00 each
For Delivery in the USA/Canada 40.00 each
For Delivery to the Rest of the World 45.50 each

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