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John Stanbridge

John Stanbridge has spent his life working with animals, it all started with a weekend job when he was 14 years old at London Zoo. This part time job led to a permanent full time job after he left school looking after the birds of prey. After 18 months at the zoo John left and started an evening class in sclupting, inspired by the animals he worked with and looked after at the zoo. After nine years making models for an art firm, John decided to go freelance and now 99% of his work is made up of dogs.

John has been an exhibitor of Bearded Collies since 1970 and, although owning only three dogs in this breed over a period of twenty-eight years, he has made two champions. John also keeps Belgian Shepherd Dogs and had the pleasure of breeding the C.C. record holder for the breed. He now shares his home with a Bearded Collie, a Belgian Shephered, numerous Klein German Spitz, an elderly, imperious Griffon Bruxellois and two long-suffering cats.

John is also an international Championship Show Judge of Bearded Collies, and undoubtedly it is his remarkable 'eye' for a dog that makes his sculptures so realistic. John's work has won the praise of breeders, exhibitors and owners of companion dogs throughout the world.

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