Unsung Heroes of the Modern Art Era

There are hundreds of artists who’ve made their mark in history and hundreds more in the near and far future are to do so themselves. We’ve met a lot of artists in different disciplines that have what it takes to be considered one of the best, but the art world can be cruel at times.

We’ve talked to amazing artists who are struggling to get recognition for their amazing work.

Here is a list of some unsung heroes that were finally able to build their legacy.

Njideka Aknyili Crosby

Crosby is a Nigerian-American who contributed a lot of great pieces to visual art. She is considered to be one of the most informative and expressive artists of modern art. She dedicated her work not directly to Nigeria nor the United States.

Instead, Crosby went for something in the middle, that space occupied by immigrants.

Crosby brought out the best of both worlds in her life, Nigeria’s rich history and the identity of the US as a symbolism for freedom and opportunity. Crosby loves to work with a lot of colours so her art is something you can consider as colourful. But it is more than just that. Her art speaks volumes.

Adrian Ghenie

Ghenie from Romania is one of the most recognized artists of his generation. But it wasn’t always like that for Ghenie as he made his way through the art world. At first, he struggled to get recognition for his amazing work. His art is commonly known as the representation between clarity and decay.

He is dedicated to depicting the many horrors of the 21st century in Europe. His works convey memories, pain, love, fears, trauma, and so much emotion. From 2016 to 2018 Ghenie made his way to the art world and conquered it.

His most famous work is Nickelodeon. Owner of the Haunch of Venison Francois Pinault bought the painting for €60,000.

In 2018, that art was sold at an auction for £7.1m, an artist record.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat was part of the American punk era in New York back in the early 80s. He saw everything unfold before his eyes and from that, his work took form. Basquiat is one of the most celebrated modern painters today.