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Cowley Fine Art is one of the top online magazines here in the UK. Not just for art by the way. We represent the current generation of artisans or artists these days looking to make their mark in the art world.

Jordan Heath’s Masterpiece

Jordan Heath back in 2012 was working as an infusion nurse in Glenlean. He had sculpting and painting during the weekend to reenergize for the weekend. Heath was a good artist and he understood art. He finds value in people perfecting their craft no matter what other people say.

In March 2012, Heath created a website showcasing some art and sculptures of local artists in his area. The website became an online exhibit for people to see for free. Heath continued to update the website with new art and sculptures. They were simple and made by people passionate about art.

In 2014, the Cowley Fine Art online exhibit caught the eye of a certain collector who decided to fund it. By 2014 August, the website is now an online magazine producing a monthly issue.

The magazine is all about art, artists, sculptors, and most of all, handmade cold cast bronze sculptures. Every month new art pieces and engaging content is compiled for people to see. By the end of 2014, the online magazine had more than 8,000 followers across the Cowal peninsula.

As the years went by, the online magazine was approached by several local and international artists. All of them, wanting to be featured. By 2018, Cowley Fine Art has an international exhibit series wherein up and coming artists and their masterpieces are being featured.

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