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Border Terrier

Code: JS091
Approx. Size:

Width: 26cm / 10.25"
Height: 22cm / 8.5"
Deepth: 9cm / 3.5"

Approx. Weight: TBC

An original statue created by the English artist, John Stanbridge.
Identifiable by their otter-shaped heads, Border Terriers have a broad skull and short, strong muzzle with a scissors bite. The V-shaped ears are on the sides of the head and fall towards the cheeks. Common coat colors are grizzle-and-tan, blue-and-tan, red or wheaten. Whiskers are few and short. The tail is naturally moderately short, thick at the base and tapering. The sculptor has managed to capture all these little details in this Statue and is a must for any Border Terrier owner.

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For Delivery in the UK 93.00 each
For Delivery in Europe 116.00 each
For Delivery in the USA/Canada 136.00 each
For Delivery to the Rest of the World 160.00 each

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